Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How to Order

Do you need a sworn translator?

If you need to present your documents to a state authority, translation performed by a sworn translator is a must. Businesses may also require a sworn translation. When traveling abroad it is advisable to have sworn translations of all documents you may need to present to the authorities, future employer and other bodies.

What documents to bring?

You only need to bring the original documents to be translated. The sworn translator will translate them and permanently glue the translation to the original documents.

You may not like having your original document to be permanently bound with the translation. If that is the case, you need to visit a notary public first. Notary will create a notarized copy (copies) of your original documents. Then you can bring just the notarized copies to the sworn interpreter.

You do not need to bring any other documents to a sworn translator.

Can I send the original documents by mail?

Sure. You will receive your sworn translation by mail upon payment of the translation fee. It is advisable to send notarized copies of your original documents. Your nearest notary will create such copy for a small fee.

Sworn and "Normal" Translator– the difference

Sworn translator are select few translators who met stringent and tough requirements and who are trusted by Local Government of Jakarta. Normal freelance translators can translate without passing any specific exam. Sworn translators first need to pass a Qualification Examination for Translator held by Faculty of Humanity of University of Indonesia.

Sworn translators have a so-called round seal. This seal features a translator's name, governor decree number and the text language name. Regular translators may not use such seals. Sworn translators prove their powers with the official appointment document signed by the Governor of Jakarta, and their identity. Do not hesitate to ask for the proof if you suspect fraud.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Sworn Translation Service

For those occasions when a high quality translation is not enough, and legal validation is required, we offer our customers a sworn translation service in more than 5 source and target languages. The difference is that a sworn translation signed and sealed by an authorized sworn translator is valid as an official translation.

Although the original documents can be sent by any means (fax, e-mail), the sworn translation can only be supplied on paper as it has to include the signature and seal of a sworn translator recognized by the Jakarta Provincial Government.

Numerous official bodies in Indonesia and abroad require this type of translation (ministries, courts, academic institutions). However, with his or her signature and seal the sworn translator attests to the accuracy of the translation, making sworn translations also essential when the precise content of the original text needs to be known for other purposes.

Typical cases where sworn translations are required include:

Legal documents
Official recognition of academic certificates
Naturalization proceedings
Residents' permits
Powers of attorney
Minutes of meetings
Letters of intent and memoranda
Financial information

Some texts excerpted from

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Monday, May 26, 2008

How to Produce a Good Translation?

In translating a document, a translator should :

1. analyze the source document to be translated. He should explore and understand what the document is about.

2. find out the dictionaries, references and glossaries about the topic of the documents to be translated. He can find these by browsing relevant topics in the internet.

3. proofread and edit the translated documents. It is better that the proofreading and editing be done by another translator. If not possible, the translator can do another job or take a rest first before proofreading the translation to refresh your minds. It is advisable not to proofread and edit your translation directly after you complete it.

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Our Clients

Below are some of our main customers :

PT Garuda Indonesia
PT Indosat Tbk.
PT Limas Stokhomindo Tbk
PT AJ Manulife Indonesia
PT Sapindigo
PT Ochabawez Dinamika Persada
PT Multazam Mitra Utama
PT Fluor Daniel Indonesia
Komnasham Indonesia
PT Panti Kosmetika Baru
PT Abadinusa Usahasemesta
Evert & Poltak Associates
PT Selnajaya
PT Optima Sinergi Comvestama
PT Tun Yun Garment Indonesia
PT Abadinusa UsahaSemesta
PT Fokus Bina Relasi
AGB Nielson Media Research
Yayasan Antari

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Friday, April 4, 2008

How can I become a certified translator?

This is the most frequent question I get asked from translators and would-be translators. First off, there are many organizations throughout the world that offer certification various language pairs. In Indonesia, the most common organization for translator certification is the Faculty of Humanities of University of Indonesia c/o. International Language Institute (ILI). This organization offers certification tests in various language pairs, but there is a process for becoming certified. According to the ILI’s website :

“For years, we have been conducting an annual qualification examination for translators in two categories of translation: translation of general texts and that of legal texts. UI certificates are awarded to those obtaining the minimum score of 65. Applicants of legal texts certification who reach the minimum score of 80 (grade A) are entitled to be nominated as sworn translators. Their oaths are taken by the Governor of Jakarta Province.

This year, we are going to adopt a new exam scheme, producing only two types of results: pass or fail. With the support of Association of Indonesian Translators, we will disseminate to our clients the need to refer to this certification to guarantee the quality of the translators they are hiring.

Also, starting this year, we are going to broaden the scope of our examination to cover other areas outside Jakarta. In three years, we aim to conduct this exam in several major cities throughout Indonesia, and should demand arise, we will also facilitate the local governments to take oaths of the translators dealing with translation of legal documents”.

We, in Indonesia, also have a translation association, called Indonesia’s Translators Association (HPI), In order to become a HPI member, you shall satisfy the eligibility requirements by providing proof of a combination of education and work experience.

Hopefully this information will help you decide whether or not to become a certified Indonesian translator and where you can go to become certified, if that is what you choose to do.

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